Chapter Two of the 6th Fountain
Today I chose to share book work instead of music.  

Tonight I wrote the 2nd chapter of A Distant Glimmer (The 6th Fountain).  I've not shared my WordPress page yet on Patreon, though, if you see this post, you now know where it is!  

I haven't shared everything from the Fountains on the WordPress page, though some is there to view.  One thing I've not done on TheTrueCyber Ebb page recently is to share some flowetics.  Flowetics are a form or writing I use that can be described as streams of consciousness that rhyme.  The book Shared Node is one that I wrote almost entirely in flowetics, and it's a book under revision now too.  I'll post the link to it when I finish the revision in the next two weeks.

Anyhow... Keep at 'er!!!  There's lots to do, shape, and form.  I hope you well!