chapter two of "Make Two Halves Whole" (Clexa Long Distance AU)
Clarke was a little over half way through season one of Game of Thrones when her phone began to ring loudly. She paused the episode on her laptop before picking up the phone and accepting it. 

"Hey Murph" the blonde greeted her friend. 

"Hey, there's a bonfire going on down at Jasper's tonight. You coming?" Murphy asked his blonde friend. Jasper was known for having crazy parties, they usually tended to get a bit out of control. Last month the cops showed up because someone decided they were going to climb on the neighbor’s roof and set fireworks off of it. Clarke remembered telling Raven about the party that night and Raven was ready to travel up from San Diego to Seattle (where Clarke lived) to join the hooligans who set off the fireworks. Apparently Raven had a thing for explosives, more often than not the girl could be found tweeting about some kind of rocket or machine she was working on. 

Clarke looked down at her laptop, she was half way through an episode and it was starting to get really good. Normally Clarke would always accept an invite to get drunk off cheap beer and "moonshine"; Jasper's signature drink, but today she just wasn't interested. Plus, once she finished this episode she could message Lexa and Octavia about it. 

"Nah not today, plus I promised my parents I'd hang with them today." That wasn't totally a lie. She told her mom she was going to be staying in for the night, so that technically counted as hanging with them right? 

"Lame, see ya later Griffin" Murphy said ending the call. Clarke tossed her phone off to the side of her bed and quickly hit play on the laptop. 

Twenty minutes later she was done with the seventh episode. She closed her laptop removing it from her lap. She picked up her phone from where it rested on her bed. Opening the twitter app, she went to write out a new tweet:

Just finished the seventh episode of GoT! @gayenerys thanks for getting me hooked (; 

After sending out her tweet to twitter sphere, the blonde clicked on the envelope icon on the bottom. Bypassing the group chat, which she was sure was filled with Octavia’s drama, she opened up a new direct message. 

New message to Lexa 

LGBTemison: omg I'm half way through the season! Why didn't I ever watch this sooner?!?? 

LGBTemison: Prince Charming is still an ass *rolls eyes* go figure it's always the uptight man children ruining it for everyone. 

LGBTemison: also I totally capital L love Daenerys!! She's so badass. Plus I feel kind of bad for Sansa but I'm not sure about her yet?? Please tell me she gets better cos I want to love her the same way I like the rest of the stark children.

LGBTemison: Lexa???

Clarke sighed, maybe Lexa was busy? She exited out of the message screen and went back to her timeline. She scrolled through it for a few moments before getting bored. She really wanted to talked to someone about the episode, she could go to Octavia but she'd probably just talk over her and spoil a bunch of it for her. 

The girl really wished Lexa would answer. She realized that the other girl wasn't exactly the most social person in the group or even on twitter for that matter but she still kept up enough when she needed to. Deciding to go a different route with communicating with Lexa she tried to go for the indirect way. 

Opening up a new tweet she wrote: 

When you wanna talk about GoT but someone (lexaa!!!) won't dm you back!!?! 

Sending the tweet out once again, Clarke exited the app, pocketing her phone. She slipped off her bed and out of her bedroom. She walked into the kitchen to find her mom getting ready to leave for work. 

"Hey mom" Clarke greeted her mother who was in the kitchen gathering up her coffee mug and belongings. 

Abby turned around with a smile, "Hey sweetheart, I was just about to go up and say bye to you." The older women walked towards her daughter. "Your dad will be home a little later." 

"Late shift again?" The blonde asked as she opened the fridge to check the contents inside. Deciding she wasn't actually hungry just bored she shut the door. 

"Yeah, I was called in. They're short shifted." Abby explained leaning in to kiss her daughter on the cheek. "I'll see you later honey." 

"Bye, love you." The daughter said as her mom walked out the door. Sighing, Clarke went back up to her room to grab her paints and canvas. At least she could paint uninterrupted for a while since no one was home. She walked out onto the balcony setting her things down on the table.

She loved living on the lake. It brought on so many pretty colors she could paint over and over again. Half of her room was filled with paintings of orange and red skies and glistening blue waves. Clarke sat down on the paint splattered chair, the one her mom screamed at her for ruining, and began to bring the scene of the sun reflecting on the water to life.  A few hours later it was becoming too dark for Clarke to even see what she was painting, so she finally gave up, gathering up all her materials and making her way back into the house.  

"Dad" Clarke called out into the still household. She got no answer back. 

After dropping off her things at her bedroom and trading her now dirty shirt for a new one, she ventured into the living room. No sign of her father could be found. She decides to check the kitchen, hoping by some chance her father was in there, even though it was quite unlikely since the only meals Jake could make were either on the grill outside or pancakes. 

When she entered she noticed that the lights had been turned on, indicating that someone had been home. Sitting on the counter top was a small note scribbled in Clarke’s father’s handwriting. 

Clarke, ran out to get some food. I don't think your mother would appreciate me killing the both of us with food poisoning.


Clarke chuckled throwing away the note. That was so typical of her father. He was always much better with jokes and mechanics than food and cooking. She made her way back into her room and relaxes back on her bed. She decided she should check up on her twitter, it had been a few hours after all. She tends to get lost in her art and forgets the outside world exists. 

Once she logged in she saw she had a few notifications, tapping on the little bell icon she went through the few RTs she had gotten after tweeting about Game of Thrones. One notification made her stop to read it. She quickly clicked on it to expand it. 

@gayenerys: (replying to @LGBTemison) wow someone's impatient....I was at work. 

Clarke chuckled but realized she had no idea where Lexa lived. Was she even from America? Where did she work? How old was she? She realized she didn't know much about Lexa at all. 

@LGBTemison: (replying to @gayenerys) working??!? This is important how could you be working at my time of need?? 

The blonde figured she would take the teasing route while replying; it had seemed Lexa had done the same. 

It was almost instant that Clarke was getting a notification of a new tweet.

@gayenerys: (replying to @LGBTemison) yes Clarke working, is that a new concept to you? 

The blonde stared back at her phone in shock, she didn't know the quiet girl in the group chat could be so sassy. 

Biting her lip the artist hit the reply button and wrote out:

@LGBTemison: (replying to @gayenerys) I can feel the sass all the way over here wow. To think I just wanted to ask a question. 

The back and forth continued on a little longer before Clarke's phone began to vibrate violently with messages from the group chat. Sighing, she tapped the direct message icon and prepared herself for whatever it was that Octavia was going on about now. Shockingly it was Raven this time. 

spacehastings: hey can you two gays stop flirting all over my tl 

Badasstark: did we not say no flirting?!?? I expect this from Clarke but Lexa?? I'm shocked. 

LGBTemison: I'm bi Raven and we aren't flirting...also wow rude O, I don't flirt with everyone. 

Badasstark: Clarke you flirt with anything that has legs.

spacehasting: oh you two were flirting anyone with eyes could see that. 

gayenerys: uh....?? I wasn't flirting. No one except you two think that we were. 

Badasstark: put it to a vote Rae!

LGBTemison: bad idea Octavia ! No Raven don't do that. Even if we were flirting would it matter?!? 

LGBTemison: Also O, I’m pretty sure you’re getting me mixed up with you. 

spacehastings: excellent idea Octavia! Yes Raven do that. 

Clarke sighed; her friends were being quite annoying. She wasn't flirting with Lexa and Lexa said she wasn't flirting with her so what was the big deal?  She was just being friendly and playful and it seems Lexa was doing the same 

spacehasting: wow....not even five minutes and half my followers say you two were flirting....interesting 

gayenerys: just cos your followers say we were doesn't mean we were raven. 

gayenerys: Clarke and myself have already said we weren't. 

gayenerys: wouldn't flirt with her regardless. 

Clarke sucked in a breath of air, for some reason Lexa saying she wouldn't flirt with Clarke hurt. She wasn't sure why it stung but it did. Lexa and Clarke hadn't know each other for more than a couple weeks but she was fond of the soccer player, and she thought Lexa felt the same but maybe not? What she did know was that Raven and Octavia need to stop butting in. She didn't want Lexa to feel weird talking to her now. 

LGBTemison: you two are annoying me goodbye. 

There was a knock at her door before her father pocked his head around her door. "Hey kiddo" Jake greeted his daughter. "Foods on the table, hot and ready from the store." 

"Thanks dad, I'll be down in a minute.” Clarke nodded as her father smiled and walked back down the stairs. Tossing her phone down on her bed, she slid off her bed making her way downstairs. 

Clarke loved spending the evenings with her father. They were so much alike and the conversation usually flowed well between the two of them. Jake always wanted to know about her art work or what was going on in her life. Don’t get her wrong, her mother was interested as well but her dad was always more in depth with his questions. Clarke and Jake were able to have dinner together at least three time a week, he worked a lot but his hours weren’t as bad as Abby’s, which is a great thing as Clarke usually always had one of her parents’ home at night. 


The last thing Lexa needs is for Clarke to know that she finds her personality interesting enough to actually flirt with it… not that she is, because why would she when she doesn’t even know Clarke that well, but she is intrigued by her. She’s interesting and says interesting things and she has an interesting way of thinking, that’s not weird to think about somebody, right? Even if you don’t know what they look like?

Raven and Octavia were obnoxious but she is aware they must only be joking. She isn’t exactly sure why and she doesn’t understand why the hell Raven is making posts about them but she doesn’t bother questioning her about it (even if it did offend her she probably wouldn’t say anything).

Instead she’s more interested in getting to know Clarke better and hopefully Clarke’s friends had not made that incredibly weird and destroyed that possibility.

Lexa opens her chat with Clarke and hovers over the “start a message” line for a moment as she thinks of something to say, of a good conversation starter. She’s not the most social and she’s not the best at starting up discussions but she knows she’s not a complete dud to talk to.

The problem is just getting to the talking.

She clicks and begins to type into her phone’s keyboard.

gayenerys: are you gonna watch anymore GoT today?

And it isn’t much, it’s completely neutral, but also something. It’s something at least and she waits a moment until she sees the little bubble with the three little dots appear next to Clarke’s icon of Shay Mitchell. 

She exits out of direct message before Clarke sends it; she doesn’t want to seem weird, like she was waiting on her, even if she kind of is.

LGBTemison: I’m having dinner but maybe

gayenerys: why eat when you could be watching GoT?

LGBTemison: have to be alive to watch it; are you going to give me spoilers?

gayenerys: You wish.

LGBTemison: I don’t want them anyway

gayenerys: Sure you don’t. That’s definitely why you asked about it.

LGBTemison: I’m glad you understand.

Lexa chuckles but gets distracted at the knock on her door, leaving her phone open on her bed; she stands up and crosses the room to answer it.

“Hey kid,” her Dad ruffles her hair and she smiles at him, giving him a hug and exiting her room as he signals for her to follow him. After work on Sundays she normally comes home to her Dad’s apartment. She sees him far less than she does her mom, who she lives with on average and has since their split because she just has more time to spend with Lexa than he does and even she doesn’t have that much.

Both of their careers are demanding, but they all agreed that Lexa would be better off living with her mom. In result of that she saw her father even less than she would had he still been living with them. Sundays were their day, as he averagely came home late and so did she, but they’d spend most of the night together. 

“I made your favorite, how was work?” He asks her casually with his signature half smile.

“It was okay.” She enters the kitchen and finds that her father had already made up her plate. “Dad you know I’m 18, right?” She teases and he glares at her, but a light amusement crosses his features.

“If I want to make up my daughter’s plate like she’s six I’ll make up my daughter’s plate like she’s six.” He teases her playfully and grabs his plate as well, making his way to the living room. “Watch the game with me?” He asks but of course Lexa wouldn’t say no. She’s here to see him after all.

She nods her head. “Yeah sure. Just let me get my phone.”

“Of course, can’t be without that.” He teases further and Lexa chuckles as she abandons her plate to make her way back down the hall toward her room. She snatches up her phone, having left it open when she left the room, Clarke’s messages had come in and her phone had read them, leaving for a few amusing in-directs for her when she came back.

She responded to them with equal amounts of sass and sits down to have dinner with her dad. When the group-chat starts blowing up again she shuts the application and tells Clarke she’ll talk to her later, and focuses on watching the game with her Dad.

She wasn’t sure about staying in that group-chat much longer, truthfully she thinks she’s only still in it, or at least hasn’t muted it because she wants to talk to Clarke which is… interesting. 

It’s later in the week that Lexa actually does mute the group chat. She mutes it because why should she keep it active after Clarke had decided to directly message her… consistently throughout the last week. Not to mention Raven and Octavia were actually annoying. Lexa was starting to worry that they would ruin whatever new friendship she’s started with Clarke because of their constant need to involve their followers in their “relationship”.

They’re not even flirting technically; at least Lexa didn’t think she was. They just got along. She didn’t even know what Clarke looked like, where she lived, how old she was. Why would she flirt with someone she doesn’t even really know? 

Maybe she should be more shocked by the fact that she actually wants to know those things about Clarke but she actively decides she’d prefer to ignore that feeling instead of acknowledging it.

She chose a bad day to have her group chat muted however, perhaps there would have been some vague warning if she hadn’t had it muted, but she didn’t even check it. The first place she went when she opened the app on her phone was direct messages because sometimes she’d have one from Clarke. And she did, she had one asking about a particular scene but she wasn’t going to give her the answer she wanted, so she typed something vague in instead and an emoji to lighten the message.

She really should have looked at the group-chat first.

It was another hashtag of selfies day. She wasn’t expecting it but they appeared randomly. She did them sometimes, she wasn’t particularly in the mood to do this one however, so instead she just scrolled through her timeline briefly, but her scrolling came to a stop pretty quickly. “What the fuck,” She finds herself mumbling out loud having stopped dead in her tracks on her timeline. 

She’s sure she’s staring at the most beautiful girl she’s ever seen. “What?” Anya looks up from her book where she sits at the end of Lexa’s bed, curiosity in her gaze but Lexa’s eyes are attached to the picture in front of her.

“Nothing. I’ve just seen god.” She says almost breathlessly, it’s probably dramatic but she doesn’t feel like it’s an exaggeration at all.

“What are you talking about?”

“Look.” Lexa sits up from the lying position she had been in and climbs across the bed toward the end to sit near Anya. “Look at her face.” Lexa drops her phone on the bed and clicks on the picture so it expands across her phone screen. She flips through the two there. “Have you ever seen someone so beautiful in your life?” She gushes, her eyes unable to look away to see the roll of Anya’s eyes beside her.

“Lexa you are so gay.” Her tall friend mutters with a slight amused huff.

“She’s fucking beautiful!” Lexa exclaims and points to the picture on her phone as if Anya doesn’t actually have eyes in her head.

“Who is she?” Anya studies the picture a moment. “Is she famous or something?”

“No,” Lexa admires the picture for a long moment, taking in the features of the girl’s face, her long blonde hair and the kind of blue eyes that remind her of the sky. She decides then and there that Clarke’s eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue she has ever seen. She’d even go as far to say that maybe that’s her new favorite color. She already liked blue anyway.

“You are so gay Lexa,” Anya rolls her eyes again and moves her gaze back to her book as if that could ever be more interesting than the beautiful girl still expanded across Lexa’s phone screen.

“How can you not be when a girl that looks like that exists in the world somewhere?” She is being dramatic now, but it’s nothing Anya isn’t used too.

She exits out of the picture and moves back across the bed to lean against her headboard. She clicks the quote tweet option.

I have never been so blessed in all my life.

She clicks on the group-chat and quickly discovers more pictures, Clarke asking which her best ones are and Lexa’s breathe catches audibly. Anya just looks at her and chuckles before focusing back on her book.

“Your weakness for blondes is showing.” She mumbles quietly beside her with a voice full of teasing and light heartedness.

“I am not weak.” Lexa playfully snaps back and begins to type into the message bar.

gayenerys: they are ALL your best ones.

spacehastings: I will screenshot this and post it Lexa

Badasstark: stoooooop flirting

Clarke responds to Lexa’s Direct Message first before she seems to bother with the group-chat conversation so Lexa switches over, reading over her message and chuckling slightly.

LGBTemison: wow helpful lexa, real helpful

gayenerys: I try my best. :P

And then Clarke enters the group-chat conversation so Lexa switches back over when she notices a few new messages from that.

LGBTemison: thank you lexa.

LGBTemison: you both are idiots.

Badasstark: and you both are in looove.

LGBTemison: you sound like my eight year old cousin

spacehastings: he also realizes u and lexa are in love?

Lexa rolls her eyes and exits the group-chat, moving over to her twitter notifications which a few have rolled in, one from Clarke but a few also from others that shocked her a bit.

@LGBTemison: (replying to @gayenerys) aren’t you cute (;

And right below her are a few comments from random people Lexa hasn’t spoken to on twitter before.

“This is soo cute, I ship it.”

“Another day another flirt.”

“Get married already.”

Lexa’s not even close with these people. She doesn’t know them, she’s never spoken to them, and of course, stan twitter she’s got a hefty amount of followers so she’s experienced some things like this before but this just felt… weird? Weird because she didn’t know Clarke that well and Clarke didn’t fully know her, weird because these people didn’t know her or Clarke just the same and yet here they were… why?

Lexa decides to ignore it, shrugging it off and liking Clarke’s comment. She moves back to her direct messages when she’s noticed Clarke has messaged her back.

LGBTemison: You aren’t weirded out by my friends right?

LGBTemison: they’re just joking but I will make them stop if it bothers you

Lexa smiles to herself and thinks a minute before responding.

gayenerys: it’s a little weird, but I’m not bothered.

LGBTemison: are you going to do the #?

gayenerys: dying to see my gorgeous face?

LGBTemison: ha ha funny, but it’s only fair since you’ve seen mine ;)

gayenerys: guess I will have to be fair then.

Lexa moves out of her direct messages and tweets a few selfies she knows she looks good in, her best ones that she hasn’t already posted before. She doesn’t think she’s half as pretty as Clarke, but she looks okay enough in them.

It doesn’t take long for the blonde to respond to it.

@LGBTemison: (replying to @gayenerys) I like your face.

@gayenerys: (replying to @LGBTemison) I like your face too.

She gets a bit annoyed as a few comments pop in from a few more strangers.


“I ship it!!”

But she manages to even scoff when she sees Octavia’s reply.

@Badasstark: (replying to @gayenerys and @LGBTemison) you both make me sick

“Lexa I’m trying to read, it’s a phone.” Anya teases loudly, her disinterest in the book was clearer than ever, she could see the boredom stapled on her friends face when she looked up at her.

“Shut up.” Lexa sticks her tongue out at her friend and Anya chucks the book at her, though she doesn’t aim for her and instead it thuds against the wall beside her head an falls behind the headboard of her bed, clunking to the ground below her bed with a loud thud.

She chuckles a bit. “You’ve lost that book forever now.” She informs her as if Anya couldn’t easily crawl under the bed and get it. She knew she wouldn’t though, Anya didn’t like tight spaces and it would probably be Lexa to get it later when it’s ticked at her brain enough to annoy her, knowing that a random book lies misplaced under her bed instead of in a neat order on her book shelf somewhere.

“It sucked anyway.” Anya tells her and huffs dramatically as she rolls over on the bed onto her back and stares at the ceiling.

Lexa pockets her phone for now, finding the invasion of her and Clarke’s followers a tad bit annoying and decides she needs a distraction as well. “Want to go shoot some pictures?”

Anya’s head turns to the side so she can see her. “You mean use me as your model again?” She teases truthfully because most likely. Lexa takes a lot of pictures of Anya, mostly because it was the only other person in Lexa’s life that she was comfortable with outside of her parents. Anya was also very confident so she never minded whenever Lexa wanted to use her for a good shot.

“Come on, we can bring your favorite soccer ball and you can invite Lincoln?” She gives Anya the eyes because she knows just hwo well that look always gives her almost anything she wants by the girl.

Her friend scoffs once she sees it. “You don’t like hanging out with Lincoln outside of school.” She tries to protest but she’s bored enough to agree and that look never fails on her, she’s weak for it.

“I don’t like hanging out with anyone but you and the internet.” Lexa informs her so she knows that argument doesn’t work.

“True, you really want to shoot for a bit huh?” Anya sits up on her bed and Lexa nods.

“Yeah, come on.” She’s reaching for her camera on the table beside her bed before Anya is even saying yes.

“Okay, okay. I’ll call him.” Anya rolls her eyes but she smiles at her nonetheless. The eyes always work.


Walking back into her room after dinner that night, Clarke wasn't feeling particularly tired. She figured she could shower and maybe it would make her feel less awake.  Besides she needed one after spending hours in the sun painting. Grabbing some pajamas, the blonde walked into her en-suite bathroom. 

Stripping her clothes off, she turned on the water and waited for it to warm up. Once the water was a favorable temperature Clarke stepped in. She started humming to herself as she went about her shower routine. 

Not many people knew Clarke was into music as well as art. Well if you don't count all her twitter followers. She had been writing a song for a few days now and hasn't been able to find the right words to finish it and it was increasingly becoming more and more frustrating. Her humming quickly formed into singing as she lathered her hair with shampoo. 

By the time she had turned off the water she felt confident enough with the rest of the lyrics she had formed. Quickly dressing she walked back into her room, grabbing her guitar from where it sat on its stand in the corner by her desk. She hopped on her bed, strumming the guitar, figuring out the melody she wanted. Once she had that done she sang through the song softly. 

She never really made a habit of posting her music online. She normally just kept it to herself but every now and then when she felt she had a really good song going she wanted opinions on it. Her followers seemed too really love when she popped up with a video so she figured now was as good as ever to tweet one out. She spent the next hour or so recording herself over and over, trying to get it just right. She didn't want to put out something that was half assed and sloppy. 

Finally after what seemed like ages, Clarke felt confident with what she had produced. She logged onto twitter through her laptop attaching the video file to a new tweet: 

New song I've been working on. Thoughts? Emotions? Feelings? 

She hit send and waited to see what everyone thought about it. A few comments came pretty fast. 

"You're voice! I'm in love!" 

"Wow this is great" 

@spacehastings: (replying to @LGBTemison) clarkes done it again! Fav work my friend. 

Clarke smiled at Raven’s comment; she was always supportive of Clarke’s creations. 

Clarke was just about to sign off when a new notification came in. 

@gayenerys: (replying to @LGBTemison) is this what angels sound like? 

Clarke was grinning ear to ear now and if anyone looked closely they’d be able to see a slight tint of pink on her cheeks. Every nice comment she had gotten on her video made her smile but there was something about Lexa's that made her stomach do a little flip. Chalking it up to excitement over her new friend liking her music, she replied to the tweet. 

@LGBTemison: (replying to @gayenerys) charmer (; 

As soon as it was tweeted her notification went wild. 

"Supportive girlfriends" 


"Have you wrote a song for Lexa yet?" 

Clarke quickly exited out of twitter and slammed her laptop shut. All this attention on her and Lexa was starting to give her anxiety. She couldn't deal with it, she couldn't tweet Lexa without people going crazy. It was starting to become annoying slightly. It was just fun and games when Raven and Octavia would joke about it but random followers? No, Clarke wasn't really having that.


Lexa’s sitting down at the park with Lincoln and Anya for the second time that week when they decide to take a break from letting Lexa photograph them again as they pass the ball back and forth. The sun had gone down quite a while ago, and the park was lit up only by street lamps now and the buildings lights that surround it.  

A few notifications sit from Clarke, a few direct messages but she bypasses them and opens up a different notification from her closest friend online instead, deciding that she’ll talk to Clarke again in a moment, after her friends have seemed to die down on the topic of their “relationship” which wasn’t anything because they didn’t even really know each other that well… even if Clarke was rather interesting and Lexa did want to know her, it was none of their business.

She’s known Costia since she joined the fandom on twitter and they have the same favorite character so they got along pretty fast. She didn’t really like talking to people or anyone else really (even though others have tried to get to know her) she just didn’t like talking to people much. Costia was an exception.

daenerystormborn: this mad queen stuff is actively annoying me

“Oh no, she’s on her phone again.” Anya teases loudly as she plops into the grass by the bench next to her, snatching up her water bottle from the ground and unscrewing the lid to guzzle the contents of it down. Lincoln is toing at the soccer ball beside them, looking smug since he won the last round him and Anya played.

“We’re taking a break.” Lexa protests but relaxes when Anya smiles at her. Lincoln shrugs and toes at the soccer ball some more from where he stands now including himself in the conversation. He was friends with Anya, not really with Lexa, but they did get along perfectly fine when necessary and he was a really nice guy.

She replies to Costia and scrolls back through her timeline, allowing her attention to move from the scenery and toward her device.

Clarke messages her again and she moves to answer it but stops. There’s too much going on, Clarke’s friends and now random people in their mentions, it’s weird. Maybe if she just doesn’t reply right away people will leave her and even Clarke alone about it and then Lexa can talk to her like a normal person without people being so invasive about it.

She frowns because she wants to talk to Clarke but exits out of the application instead, receiving a text from Costia she goes to that instead.

Cos💖: why is raven putting up polls asking if ur flirting with some girl and why are you flirting with some girl?

Lex: because she’s incredibly annoying and I’m not flirting.

Cos💖: aren’t you flirting?

Lex: No. I don’t even know her that well.

Cos💖: She’s pretttty

Lex: Yeah so?

Cos💖: Sooo u like blondes, ur flirting

Lex: Now you are being annoying.

Costia messages her on twitter so she flips back to that notification and answers the opposite one about the show. They do that a bit, flipping back and forth between texting and direct messaging, Costia taking to twitter to tell them how well they can multi-task and it makes Lexa laugh before she’s logging back out and ready to snap a few more pictures with Anya.

She always likes the ones she gets the best when the sun is going down, but she’s been trying to practice her night shots too. Though in the middle of taking one picture of her friend as she kicks the ball almost aggressively toward Lincoln’s head her mind conjures up the image of Clarke and for a brief moment, she wishes she could photograph her instead… she shakes off the thought though, thinking maybe that’s strange… It shouldn’t be, Clarke is beautiful, she’d be great to photograph, that’s all it is. That’s the only reason Lexa thought about it because she likes taking pictures of beautiful things.

She’ll message Clarke back when she gets home for now, she just needs to clear her head and focus on her photographs.


"Clarke, are you even paying attention?" Clarke’s head shot up from where it had been buried in her phone. Her eyes flicked from the TV screen playing some action movie on it to Murphy who was staring at her with a smirk. 

"Huh? Yeah of course" the blonde waved off her friend locking her phone.

Murphy’s eyebrows shot up in a challenging way "Yeah? What's going on in the movie?" 

Clarke glanced back to the TV screen, she had no idea what was going on to be honest. She was far too stuck in her phone; more importantly, in twitter. "Easy, the girl got taken and now the guy is being the hero and saving her." She said with fake confidence. 

Murphy laughed shaking his head "Not even close Griffin" 

"Oh please I'm sure that's happened at least six times in this film since that's all women ever do in these action movies according to the male directors." Clarke rolled her eyes, she wasn't a big fan of action films for that sole purpose. She heard Murphy mumble something but her phone had pinged with a new notification from twitter and she was quick to look back down at it. 

Her heart sped up a tad thinking it might be Lexa but quickly slowed back down when she saw it was just Raven talking about something she had built in the group chat. 

Bypassing the chat all together, Clarke went back to scrolling her timeline. There wasn't much going on, it was mostly filled with Lexa talking to some girl she's never seen on her timeline before. Lexa and the unknown girl seemed to be talking about Game of Thrones; at least that's what it looked to be about. Clarke didn’t read all of it because it had quite a few spoilers. 

Clicking on the direct message icon, Clarke went into her and Lexa’s private message to make sure the girl hasn't replied and she had just missed it. Seeing that it was still unread and unanswered the blonde sighed. Lexa was clearly on twitter why wasn't she answering her? Why was she actively having a whole conversation with this other girl but not Clarke? Had she done something wrong? 

Clarke thought back to all the times Lexa and her had talked over the past week or so, she couldn't recall anything she had done wrong to warrant her to be...ignored. Was that even what was happening here? Was she being ignored? It's certainly felt like it. Lexa was on twitter, she could understand not answering if she was busy but she didn't really seem to be at all. 

Sighing, the blonde decided she would throw out a random tweet to see if Lexa would notice and message her back. 

Much rather be watching GoT right now instead of this overrated action film 

Clarke waited a few moments to see if Lexa would take the bait, she hadn't, instead she had a few other comment on it saying things like: 

"Skype date with Lexa and watch it.”

“Lexa’s made a monster outta you with GoT"

Clarke didn't understand why she and Lexa were getting so much attention, they were just friends. They've not even know each other for a month and people were shipping them? This was such a new thing to Clarke, a new and weird thing. Was this a thing people really did on twitter? 

Not wanting to be bothered with the application anymore and Lexa potentially ignoring her, the artist sighed and exited the app with a slight pout on her face. She let her phone drop in her lap and tried to focus back in on the movie that was playing and not the brunette that was invading her thoughts more often than not lately. It wasn't an easy task.