Character Suggestions! (Announcement)
So! I thought I’d try something out. It’s dandy creating my own stuff and showing it off, but I wanted to see if I could get you guys involved. Happen to have a character that you’d like to see realized? Google images and Pinterest just not cutting it? Well here’s an idea.. suggest a character, create a description/story, maybe snag some general reference and throw it into the survey! After I've collected the info, let’s say over a few days, I’ll make a poll including what you've suggested and what I (can realistically) make! I'm creating a survey for patrons of all levels to fill out and suggest their characters. If you'd like to suggest your idea and have it voted on by your fellow supporters, feel free to sign up to become a patron! The full set of details and a link to the survey is available in the patron-only portion of the activity feed. Any patron can suggest and vote! Thanks! -Mike
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