Character preview: Zaifeng
Zaifeng is a weapon master who is in charge of training the army of Longwall, amongst other things. He is the loyal friend and blood brother of Dalyell, Longwall's High Commander and general of the kingdom's army. Zaifeng's adventures throughout Aegorm have made him a living legend. However, he and Dalyell now face a problem weapons can't solve; the royal family is almost extinct since only one member remains; Gunderick, 7 years of age. Gunderick's young age forced Dalyell and Zaifeng to take command of most of the kingdom's affairs until the young King grows up... and the nobles - most notably the Blackmane family - are contesting their leadership since neither of them are of noble blood. It is said that Edgar Blackmane, head of the Blackmane family, is plotting to take the trone for himself.