Character Profile - Kyrsiel

Days ago i said i would share information about the characters of my story "Angel Guardian", so i will begin with... 


He  is an apprentice of guardian angel.  This guy is the opposite of what  would you be expecting about an angel:  he is lazy, irresponsible, impulsive and  over confident.  With a quiet personality, Kyrsiel does not get upset  easy but when he is, it´s better run and hide.

He has control  over the element of water and he is like it:  he addapts to the  situations and he can be so warm as a sunny day at the beach but once  something makes him enter in anger, he is like an storm without control.

He  is under the protection of his teacher, Gersiel.  Kyrsiel is doing his  final test to graduate as Guardian second time!  The first  one, he didn´t get the best results and his teacher ended in a bad  position by this.

His name is a combination of letters about his  qualities:  KYR is the mix of the words KI=energy and the word  IRresponsible.  As both words have "i" i changed by "y". IEL as the  termination of angels names.

His favorite attack is Soul  Constriction. With this attack, he uses a robe of energy to immobilize  his enemies.  For his defense, Kyrsiel is owner of the Sword of Justice.

When i designed his weapon, i thought about the Justice symbol: an scale. And i thought too about how Kyrsiel needs to learn to put in balance his emotions, so i ended doing his sword with two wings, in representation of the balance and the wings he has not won yet.

Every  character represents something in the story, so Kyrsiel is the  representation of the teenager step of life:  full of energy, thinking  adults complicate themselves easily and with a lot internal conflicts  and questions about life, trying to find answers by himself.

Kyrsiel ©  Reenave