Character Art Commissions!
1 - Check my blog description to make sure commission slots are open! Is there a slot open? Perfect! 

2 - Look at the commissions graph above (See graph) to see what you'd like! (e.x. "Midwaist Ink + Color of Alexabot") Once you know, send me an email at [email protected] detailing what you would like, especially in terms of posing (reference pictures are HIGHLY recommended!) PLEASE title your email with your commission choice (e.x. "Midwaist Ink + Color of Alexabot"). (NOTE: if you want more than one character, the price is repeated for each one)

3 - Once I reply and confirm you for the slot, half of the total commission price is due through paypal. I will send you the info about how to do it in the email if you need help! :) (NOTE: if your commission is a sketch, then the FULL commission price would be due in this payment!)

4 - Once the first payment is received, I will start on your commission! I start with a basic sketch (See pic 1)! I'll send you a few quick sketches for you to choose from and you can request any posing or simple changes! 

5 - Once the pose is decided, I will then work on doing the inking and send you an update (see pic 2)! This is the last chance to change the pose, since it's harder to make changes the more detailed it gets! (NOTE: if your commission is an ink drawing, then I will send you a teaser and the other half of the payment would be due in this step BEFORE I send the finished piece!)

6 - Now for my favorite part: Color! I'll start coloring your commission, and if you don't already have a set color palette I'll send you a snippet of the colors to make sure it's what you want! The rest of the steps will follow if you paid for shading, a simple background, background animation, etc. 

7 - Your commission is done! I will send you a teaser (See Pic 3) of the finished product to show that it is complete, and then the second half of the payment is due! I will not send the finished piece until I receive the other half of the payment! 

Congratulations!! You have then successfully commissioned me and received your finished art piece (See pic 4), which helps me as an artist and YOU as an art consumer! Your patronage is very helpful and appreciated, and if you think this is the right commission for you, please follow these steps and commission me!

For more details or commission requests email me at:
[email protected] 

NOTE: There are some things I will NOT draw which are:
-Detailed Gore/Violence, 
-Aged up kid characters

Message or email me if you're unsure if what you're requesting falls under these categories and we can talk about it.

(Commission pics are of Alexabot from the webcomic "Selfinsertale" by!​ You can start reading it at