Character - Autumn F'taghn
Here we have another member of the F’taghn family! Autumn here was originally created as a clone of Kerridwen during a roleplay session back in 2013. However we decided to revamp her a bit, and so now much like David as well, Autumn is a member of the F’taghn family and no longer a character with a cloning origin. She does carry a few features that tend to run in the direct family line, the purple eyes, black hair (with red being an uncommon but sometimes occurring trait) and of course white fur. Of course, like a lot of girls in the family she’s quite tall, nearly if not seven feet. She’s skilled in magic as well, like a lot of the family, and will be appearing in the expanded universe for Exalt. However she likely won’t show up in the main comic for sometime, but in the future you can certainly expect her to show up in some side projects as well! We haven’t her for very long of course but we think we're going to look forward to using her in projects and potentially more roleplaying sessions in the future, potentially! Also yes, that is a certain pocket watch around her neck, David happens to have the exact same watch on his person if you take a look at him. Hopefully there will be lots of chances in the future to have her in action, blowing up some monsters with magic or something! We’ll have to see what the future holds. Expect more character images and pages soon!