Character Modeler: Bela Szabo
The task of converting the set of modelsheets drawn by Daniel Fu to 3D character models is a pretty tricky one. It requires a definite artistic sense of form in 3D, the ability to follow an inexact pattern, and of course, a great deal of skill with Blender.

Three different modelers have created character models for Lunatics! However, it was Bela Szabo who established the basic models for the main characters, and really set the standard for how they would look.

Szabo is a self-taught 3D artist. He started modeling with Blender in 2011. Since then he has learned texturing and rigging as well. His main interest is character modeling, texturing and rigging in multiple 3D packages, but he is familiar with hardsurface modeling techniques too.

Before pursuing his freelance carreer in the CG industry, he studied finance, accounting, and software engineering. He currently resides in Hungary. Other interests include music — he’s been playing trumpet for 14 years in his hometown’s brass band.

Some of his models can be found on BlendSwap and a few others for sale on Turbosquid.