Character Introduction - Bella Chen
 Faceclaim: Emma Wu Ying-chieh 'Gui Gui'
  • General Information

Name: Rhai du-Mon / Bella Chen
Age: 26
Date of birth: May 5, 1990
Ethnicity: Han Taiwanese
Gender: Nonbinary
Sexuality: Pansexual
Current residence: Villa
Relationship status: Complicated
Social status: Wealthy

  • Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): None
Language spoken: Mandarin Chinese, English
Other languages known: Edorisan, Myradian
Style of speaking: Fast-paced, Stern
Volume of voice: Loud

  • Physical Appearance

Height: 5’7" (167.8 cm)
Weight: 64 kg
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Olive
Shape of face: Ellipse
Distinguishing features: Mole on upper right cheek, double eyelids
Build of body: Slim, small bust and buttocks, round shoulders
Hair colour: Chestnut brown with amber highlights
Hair style: Shoulder-length, wavy on ends
Complexion: Warm, yellow, medium gold undertones
Posture: good posture
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Double ear-piercings
Typical clothing: Rompers, jumpsuits, ruffled shorts, etc (loose-fitting, polyester or chiffon; all pastel, bright colors)
Is seen by others as: Pastel and bright, admired


Likes: Friendship, learning, fighting
Dislikes: Abandonment, destruction, chaos, pain
-Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry– Class of 2011 (Swish Technical School of Business and Science)
-Master of Science in Forensic Science with a Concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology – Class of 2017 (University of Plagos)
Fears: Losing her friends and family
Personal goals:
-To prepare Renee for the inevitable conflict that will storm her home
-To help Khalil lead the digital revolution and stray away from athletics
-To preserve Plagos City
General attitude: Positive, friendly
Religious values: None
General intelligence: Above average
General sociability: Highly social and inclusive

  • Health

Illnesses (if any): Develops depression
Allergies (if any): None
Sleeping habits: None
Energy level: High
Eating habits: Barely
Memory: Exceptional
Any unhealthy habits: Very intensive about her friends, goals, and passions; tunnel vision; forgets to take care of herself

  • History

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
-Parents: Jake Chen Hongfa (father), Sarah Li Xue Hua (mother)
-Siblings: Katelyn (32, oldest sister), Jessica (16, younger sister)
-Any enemies (and why): Infinite Council - they want to exploit her powers among others into colonizing Edoris; Corporations - covert violence on the people who stand in their way; Police state - corrupt
-Children: None
-Friends: Homicide Detective Julie Mays, Kierra McCombs
-Best friend(s): Khalil Carter, Ruth Cooper, Nolan Washington, Ronnie Hsieh, Renee Martin
-Important friends/relatives (explain): N/A
-Love interest (if there is one): Ronnie Hsieh, Nolan Washington

  • Combat

Peaceful or violent: Violent
Weapon (if applicable): Nega-ergokinesis
Style of fighting: Constructing objects with dark, visible gas and attacking opponents with it; or clouding the dark gas particles together in secret to later use as surprise attacks by either pushing the opponent in a certain direction or restricting their movements

  • Others

Occupation: Assistant DNA Analyst at Ghamour
Current home: None
Favourite types of food: Oyster vermicelli, red bean soup, supreme pizza, octopus soup
Favourite types of drink: Vanilla macchiato, banana boba tea
Hobbies/past times:
Guilty pleasures: Loves beating up bad people (as opposed to growing tired of it)
Pet peeves: Inconsiderate and insensitive people
Pets: None
Talents: Can see 89% of what's in the room within 0.5 seconds observation
Favourite colours: Lavender Pink
Favourite type of music: Alternative rock, EDM