Character Customization - Color Picker!

Just a small update on Fitting Room. We're full speed ahead on programming in functionality for the actual character customization now, beginning with one of the most important features - a color picker!

When this feature is completed, it will include swatch presets for categories like eye colors, skin tones and some others, so that players can easily pick colors out from a pre made selection. For players who want to go a bit more custom, the color picker can also sample colors on your imported photos so it will be possible to get the exact hair, skin or eye color from your reference 2D, for e.g. Check out the twitter link to see an early prototype in action :)

Colors can also be tweaked with RGB sliders for ultimate control.

A bit of test build news - we have no date for the next Fitting Room release just yet, but the next build will include the ability to change character colors, and re-roll their randomization. We'll be adding features bit-by-bit for Patrons to test out until Fitting Room includes the entire suite of character creation tools we plan, and you guys can give us feedback along the way to help us improve. 

Thanks everyone,

-VN devs