Character Creator Corner Modules
Hey all!  As I mentioned on today's vlog, I'm putting together an outline of how to approach future creator corners with a focus on character creation.  Right now it's breaking into several distinct modules:

Character Motive

- Fears

- Desires

- Ideals

Character Personality

-  Family: replication and rejection

-  Contradictions

-  Formative memories

Character Progression

-  Key Words

-  Themes

-  Arc

Character Design:

-  Shapes

-  Value & Color

-  Silhouette

Character in Action:

-  Setting as a reflection of character

-  Body language

-  Character voice

Is there anything about character creation that you'd like me to cover that you don't see here?  Let me know!  I want the development process for this course-oriented material to have as much input from you as possible!