Character Designer: Daniel Fu
Designing characters for Lunatics! was an interesting challenge. They needed to be realistic enough to work with the highly realistic sets and props which were designed for real human proportions, but they also needed to be stylized and expressive enough to work as cartoon characters without creating too much of an "uncanny valley" effect.

For this important task, we turned to Daniel Fu, who we met while working on our Light Princess game project from 2000-2002. Although that project was never completed for software reasons, the artwork was promising, and Fu's work from that era seemed like a good match to what we were hoping to do with Lunatics! He also had continued working on other projects, which gave us confidence that he'd be an excellent choice for the job. We commissioned him to do some concept art and then raised money through a Kickstarter campaign to pay him for the work on lineups and modelsheets that would allow us to develop 3D characters.

A graduate of the University of Texas, where he studied Architecture, Daniel Fu has been a comic artist since before 2000.  Prior to his work on Lunatics!, his best-known series was probably The Retriever, which ran from 2006 to 2010. In 2017, he illustrated a comic book adaptation, Axanar: Trial by Fire, written by Trey McElwain, based on the Axanar fan film production by Alec Peters.

Currently he is working as the Interactive Art Director for Spiceworks, where he designs user interfaces. He also has a freelance portfolio for his UI/UX work.