Character Creation Forge Codex
Thank you to all of our Patrons for supporting Total Party Thrill. Because they collectively reached the $200 goal, we're making this Codex of all of our Character Creation Forge builds available to everyone. This is a living document that we'll maintain on a weekly (OK, probably bi-weekly) basis. In it, we have every single build we've ever made, organized by both class and subclass.

To anyone who works with spreadsheets every day (like Shane), this should be pretty intuitive. If you're a normal person, here's a brief explainer:

  • Every build is a separate row on the spreadsheet.
  • Columns A through D describe the build (name, description, episode.) You can use CTRL+F to find a build based on its name from the title of an episode. Alternatively, if you know the episode number, you can quickly find that. 
  • Columns E through Q show the levels in the build based on class. 
  • Columns R through BZ provide the same level information, but broken down by subclass. The Warlock section is a little wonky because it includes both subclass (patron) and pact. Note that these do not necessarily match the totals in the class rollup, as some builds do not take enough levels to gain a subclass (such as our favorite dip, Rogue 1.)
  • Columns CA through CF cover any specific choices that are important to the build.
  • Column CG contains the recommended leveling order. This covers what we've discussed on the show, so it's incomplete; in the coming months, we're hoping to get this column more complete.
  • Column CH contains any other notes that were relevant enough to mention on the show.

We've also added some pre-made filters based on the Class Rollups which can be applied from the Filter Views button or Data > Filter Views menu. You can also create your own Temporary Filter Views (recommended range A2:CH200) to sort and filter the data in your own ways.

If you find any errors or revisions, need some help using the Codex, or if you have any ideas for how to improve it going forward, please let us know by replying here, emailing [email protected], or tweeting @TPTCast.

Thanks again to our Patrons for making the CCF Codex possible, and to Jef from the System Mastery podcast for transcribing our notes and rambles. 

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