Character Profile - Julian

Julian is a necessary character, but I will admit that he's definitely not amongst my favorites. As such, there's not a ton of artwork of him - and there's even less consistent artwork of him. I want to say that I should draw him more and work on that... but I kinda, really, don't want to. 😅

Julian Siamera is the king of Libris Del Sol in Sivoa: Sunrise. He is married to Chiarina and father of Pavlova. He earned himself the title of King by leading a sponsored campaign against Shoa, a tyrant that had gone mad and tried to demolish the library that the kingdom is named for. 


  • What is your relationship like with your parents at the present? What was it like when you were a child?

My father passed away some years back, but my mother and I are pretty close. Actually, I think she and I might be closer now due to the fact. We both miss him - even if he was a force to recon with. He was very loud.

  • Are your grandparents living?

Nah. They passed away when I was an adolescent. They were quite old and the nomadic life is a difficult one.

  • Do you have any siblings?

I’m honestly not sure. I’m the only child that my mother had, but I suspect that I have a few half-siblings within the tribe. If so, my parents kept that a secret from me.

  • What was your life like growing up?

I don’t suppose that it would have been considered easy since the tribe packed up and moved every couple of months. For me, it was just how things were. Suns shifted, we packed up and moved. Suns shifted again, we packed up and moved again. I didn’t really get the chance to make friends outside of the tribe, but I had plenty of chances to mingle with the locals of many places, if you know what I mean.

  • What are your religious beliefs and practices?

After being stationed as kind of Libris Del Sol, I’ve all but stopped sun tracing. No sense in it since we don’t move around anymore, which - to be honest - is kind of boring.

  • What was your education like? In what ways has it continued?

Learning how to track the suns through the sky was hammered into us as children. I can still tell you where the best weather is, based on where the suns rise each morning. It’s all in measurements. I never could “hear” the suns, like some of my peers would have you believe that they could.

  • What are some specific, fun memories from your childhood? Things that shaped you in a positive way, that you look back on with happiness?

Once, when I was around thirteen or so, I convinced a few kids to sneak into Jandervagt with me. Going into town without the adults knowing was as nerve wracking as it was a thrill - and we didn’t really do anything but wander the streets until we got scared and ran back to the tents - but, it was the start of many such adventures. I think that leading these excursions resulted in elevating me in the minds of my peers and eventually became why I was nominated to lead the campaigns against the tyrant Shoa. His defeat landed me the title of King.

  • What are some specific negative, scary, or traumatizing memories from your childhood?

Like what? My life is amazing.

  • What is your daily life like? What do you do for work?

Ha! Funny. I’m the king. I pretend to listen to people complain all day before I go and listen to more people complain all night. Sometimes there are festivities. There’s a never-ending amount of math.

  • Who are some of your closest friends? What do you do together? What about your childhood friends?

A few of my tribeskin followed me into battle and are now some of my closest advisors. Gared and Jinto ran with me on that first outing and have had my back ever since. I was more than honored when they asked me to officiate their wedding - even if it had to be done in secret. That was back when we were nomads. Now, nobody cares and we mostly sit around and drink.

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