Character Crusade Podcast Live from Glitchcon
The Glitchcon Digital Games Festival is an annual celebration of independent game developers.  At this year's conference we will be doing a live show and you are invited!  The show will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch but will also be available in the Character Crusade podcast feed and on YouTube in the days following the event.  


Caleb is a pretty extraordinary person.  Caleb has been working as a freelance artist for years lending his talents to projects from advertising to game development.  In addition, Caleb has provided voice talent for television and video games like Quern.  Now he is up to his neck in game development creating his own video game project that will be going to Kickstarter very soon.  

As if that wasn't enough, Caleb also shows his passion for video games through his YouTube channel  Artist Caleb where he has played more games than I thought possible!  As an artist Caleb has a unique perspective on the games he plays making his let's plays fun and insightful. Joe and I are both big fans of his work and support his Patreon campaign

More information on the website !