Character Reveal: Sodo

“Yo… I’m Sodo…”

Sodo is a pretty chill hyena, and one of the more laid-back members of the Criterion Crew.  He prefers to get his work done without having to deal with all of  stressful stuff that can come from being in a team. He represents the  pollutant, Sulfur Dioxide.

Sodo reluctantly follows directions, briefly questioning things  to himself before shrugging it off and committing to the work. When  details are missing or lacks clarity, he’ll do things his way.

(From a design standpoint, Clipey and I came to a consensus pretty quickly!)     

Sodo excels when he’s on his own and can be pretty  inventive, capable of turning trash into functional gadgets and systems.  He has a creative mind, and is also a bit of a collector, preferring  both ancient looking things or things with an uncanny appearance. He  also has a soft spot for cute things and will carry them around or move  them into one of his “collection” heaps.

Sodo has spots on his body that can emit smelly and disorienting smoke, as  well as dangerous saliva that can be weaponized as durable bubbles that  can trap objects and foes. 

In addition to being pretty durable, he’s  also rather agile for his size. While he’d prefer not to fight smaller  foes, he’ll do so if he’s instructed to. If he gets too frustrated or  upset, he’ll erupt like a volcano!

(Illustration by Zarock)

Sodo has been an interesting character that I’m sure people out there can relate to!

Piti has been working on developing some keys to establish how he looks in  his sprites! You’d be surprised how involved the team has been when  selecting something as standard as an idle pose!

There you have it! We’re looking forward to seeing your reception of Sodo!