Character Sculpt - Mordigor
For the purpose of the new comic, I needed to update Mordigor's sculpt as well. I did have a sculpt of him already, which was rather polished and experimental. (Above) It also worked only from this one view point since it wasn't created for use in a comic but as a stand-alone sculpt job.

It was inspired by this 2015 artwork I did of him:

A very front-y artwork which gives me very little information, sculpture-wise.

Because of this, the sculpt only truly worked from the front.
Un-rendered and away from its beauty shot, this is what this same sculpt looks like:

It's just alright. I could not use it for the comic because it has too much information in certain aspects and too little in others where I would need info. The painting makes it look muddy from other angles than front.

So I went back to it from a duplicate, stripped it of all its paint and detail in order to adjust.

This is his sculpture after rework toward a simpler and more proportionately accurate version:

Now it has the simplicity and accuracy that I look for in my work-flow for the comic.

One of the main adjustments that this one needed was to soften the jaw from the side, which worked from the front but got very boxy otherwise. I moved the jaw bone upward to keep the original shape that it has from the front and make it lighter and more elegant.

The other adjustments were made to the eye sockets.
His eyes are very far into his skull and I needed to keep that strong shadow under his brow. But they were also too flat and shapeless. I pulled the eyelids out of his face a bit in order to give the eyeball more of a spherical sense, which really fixed his head from a 3/4 point of view.

I left all the detail of his hair because there was no reason to take it away. It's nice to have a hairline to work with when putting the models into the page. I wish I had done it for Constance early on, whose hairline gives me the most trouble!

Anyway, I hope you found this one interesting. Each sculpt provides its own challenge and it's fun to work to resolve them.