Character Study: Witch Hazel and the style of Chuck Jones
Welcome to Phase I of my evil plan. What is that you may ask, well, it's to research and you guessed it, practice, practice practice. Chuck Jones turned out to be one of many heroes I had as a kid. His work was my favorite of all the Warner Brothers artists. One of the characters from that era was Witch Hazel. I loved her. What a kook. Such great characterization. 

Before I start work on my own stories in full force, Phase I is all about finding my finding and improving my own style.  I'll be producing as many studies as I can and clean them up to a "final sketch" in Adobe Illustrator (my favorite software ever...) to share with you. 

Here's what I did here:

1. Spent 20 minutes sketching various poses from a warner Bros. Model sheet.

2. Without overthinking, I sketched my own original pose of Witch Hazel.

3. After scanning it, I placed into Adobe Illustrator and cleaned it up as line art.

4. I googled a still from the original cartoon to pull out the color palette.

5. I adjusted a few brushes to give the line art some varied weight. 

6. After getting the line work the way I wanted, just added color and voila! 

I hope you will  enjoy these.  More to follow soon!