Character Creation UE4 MarketPlace Plugin
Im Creating a plugin to quickly add character customization to your ue4 games. This plugin will take advantage of the "Makehuman & Blender Workflow" making this plugin ideal for inde-developers. Everyone knows how time consuming that creating and exporting "Morph Targets" can be. So my fool proof workflow will allow you, "Artists or Programmers and even beginners" the ability to quickly modify and excute my custom MHScript to generate new morphs targets and Clothing meshes. Everything will be included! From unreal project files, blender,makehuman and script files. Also along with documentation and in-depth video tutorials hosted on ""Patreaon". This plugin is ready to run as is, no work required. I have created the system that runs inside of unreal with over 160 face and body morphs and poses. 6 different body types and facial constuctions, this plugin will allow you or players to create different looking characters in-game.

note: I will not be creating a bunch of clothes or meshes, animations, or weapons for your game. This plug-in sole purpose is to create a quick and easy way for you to bring in you own Clothing or meshes etc into ue4 without error using Free Make Human Characters. I will be creating Template outfit For all 6 characters along with documention and resources on "how to" use makehuman and blender.

Conclusion:I will be making video tutorial over the coarse of two weeks and posting them here:

*These lessons will cover a more easier automated way of getting you custom assets quickly. Also "ALL" the code the goes into this custom character system, form loading and saving and creating you own custom morphs and adding them to game.