The Characters of Mouse Park
The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth will have an initial set of playbooks that feature the staff of Mouse Park. As players, you will get to choose which playbook you'll use and that will afford you specific and unique moves you can use during the game.

The game mechanics for each playbook have already been given to patrons. Please consider backing me on Patreon to receive the rules as they are developed.

In the meantime, here is a brief description of the playbooks as they stand in the Alpha version.

The Guest 

You are the few. The brave. The bulldozer of Mouse Park. Through your Herculean efforts you can push your child’s stroller through any barrier—manmade or otherwise—in order to arrive at your pre-planned destination. Your ability withstand long lines, deal with horrible tourists, and withstand sunburns is deeply admirable. Your wallet is easily tapped, your bags of merch hard to carry, and in spite of it all, you hold your camera proud and at the ready. You are here to have fun, dammit. And you will do it at all costs.

The Guest Agent

You know Mouse Park better than anyone. You’ve always known something freaky goes on here, but it’s none of your business. You just collect your paycheck and have the added perk of being able to come to the park whenever you want. You even get awesome employee benefits, free tickets for your friends, and you never have to wait in line. It’s awesome to be a guest agent—except when there is something nagging deep in side of you that tells you something is terribly wrong. No matter, you’ve been well-trained. You’ll have that winning smile, positive attitude, and the joy of the Mouse.

The Rapscallion

You grew up around Mouse Park probably because your poorly-paid parents work there, or maybe it’s just because you live nearby. But whatever, you know all about what goes down at the park. You know the dirty secrets, you know that the whole thing is a facade, and you even know about the Great Mouse. You may not care, because you just need to survive. But maybe if you need something you can help someone through it, or maybe you just want to make sure tourists don’t get murdered and replaced by clones. The castmembers may know who you are, or maybe they don’t. But they don’t know what you know. You can blend in and look like a regular kid, but your real motive is to survive.

The Mousineer 

Mousineers are the creators of Mouse Park, the visionaries and the idea-makers. They are also the mechanical heart of the park and spend their days and nights maintaining the place, making repairs, and building new attractions. They know every inch of the place, why every nut and bolt was put there, and how to fix it when it breaks (or to break it if it works too well). Although revered among their peers, there are some that view them only as mere mechanics and repairmen. They are much more and will keep allies safe and enemies in danger with their ability to change the safety of the park on a whim.

The Marketer

Opportunistic, risk-taking, wealthy, and with a good sense of what people want, the marketer is a tactician of perception. You look for the best way to get what you want, broker deals, and making enemies into friends. You are great at politics, convincing people what you are doing is best, and could sell the glasses someone is wearing. You may not have the best scruples and you don’t care much for things like “people’s feelings” or “integrity,” but you get things done, you know how to be pragmatic, and you know how to make deals. 

The Manager

Mouse Park is not just a theme park. It isn’t just an experience. It is a lifestyle. No one knows Mr. Mouse better than you. You have the dinnerware, the clothing, and the myriad of hats to prove it. You’ve read all of the books, memorized all of the movies, and know every detail of the life of park founder Elias Roy—who is basically a god, or at least better than Elvis. The tourists and locals that pass through do not truly appreciate the magic of the park. Not like you do. You’ve devoted your life to Mouse Park. Mouse Park is your home, your life, your one true love. All measures of your life are drawn in comparison to it. Mouse Park gives you life, freedom, and joy. The haters and cynics can go to hell.

The Mouser

You are the security of Mouse Park. The lives of these guests rest in your hand. Yeah it’s good to be all fun and frivolous, but you have a job to do. The safety of these guests go first. Well, Mouse Park interests go first along with the appearance of safety. Then safety. Well, the secrets of Mouse Park must also be protected, they come first. So first secrets, then Mouse Park interests, then appearance of safety, then safety. Oh, and covering up things that shouldn’t have happened. So covering things up, park secrets and interests, the appearance of safety, and safety. That is the never-dying code of the Mouser. All those things, in that order.

The Entertainer

You work at Mouse Park to have fun, to hang out, or to go on rides. Nope, you’re there to show off how talented you are. You’re not even looking for fans, you’re just looking to strut, give backward glances and then not give 100% of the people who goggle over you the time of day. Where else can you show off your God-given gift and find your fame and fortune, but in a busy worldwide attraction? And for those losers that don’t realize you’re the next big thing, well you don’t have time for haters either. You know what you are and they know what you are and that’s enough.