Charge Upfront
Hi everyone,

Quick announcement: charge upfront will be enabled from the first of next month (Feb 1st).

After the new process begins, if an existing patron edits their pledge (to move to a higher reward tier) they will be instantly charged the difference. E.g. a $1 patron who becomes a $10 patron will be instantly charged $9 on the day of the edit. Unless you change your pledge, this won't have any other effects on existing patrons. New patrons will be charged on the day they pledge and then on the first of each month from then on.

This will stop pledge dodging and will be fairer to the patrons who pay as you'll know that other people won't be reading what you read without having to pay. I know this has been a concern to some of you as we've had a few messages about it, so this should solve it. 

If you have any questions, please comment or message us and we'll try to help :)