Hey guys! SO something that's really been hurting me, emotionally and financially, is people signing up after cards get charged at the end of each month (I usually get paid between the 1st and 6th of each month from the end of the previous month's charges) and then unpledging before the ent time cards are charged.

I work hard to put out content each day, spend hours writing tutorials, making costumes and taking progress pictures, planning and having photoshoots that only you guys will see more than 3 pictures from, replying to messages, packaging prints and styf, etc etc etc

I want to be taken seriously, and I want people to pledge from a sincere, genuine place in their hearts. I appreciate each and every one of you SO much and it breaks my heart to be taken advantage of.

Charging upfront means that when you pledge, you will immediatele be charged. After that month you pledge, you will simply be charged the 1st of every month after that. It's not changing how much you pay or what you get in return, it's just changing WHEN. It really keeps people from ripping me off.  Not that any of you here right now would do that, I trust you and love you guys. This isn't a call out post, I'm just trying to elaborate before I go and change this.


-Current patrons are not affected by this, you simply get charged 5 days later than you used to. Instead of the 28th or so of each month, it's the 1st of each month.

-New Patrons are charged for their tier immediately, then resummes as normal the next month.

-The second you sign up, you're recieving TONS of exclusive material. It's not fair for others to pay and someone else to not.

HOPE ALL THAT MAKES SENSE! Wanna keep you all int he loop of everything I do here. Thanks again for all of your love and support, couldn't do it without you guys <3