Charity Gaming for MS Australia
Howdy Patrons and those considering to be patrons,

Next month, the weekend after PAX I'll be taking part in a marathon gaming event for charity. All proceeds will go to MS Australia.

I'll also promise any Patreon funds that come through for October and November will go to support the marathon as I'm excited about giving back.

That's not really a huge sacrifice currently, but I hope this can set some kind of precedent of giving. This is the first time I've been invited to take part in something like this and already I'm excited about what kind of fun we can get up to in the name of a good cause.

So ideally I'd ask you to click through to the link and donate directly. But if you're looking for some extra value on top of the donation, you can rest assured and funds over the next few months will go into the charity stream AND you'll get access to the patron exclusive content we have here.

Also also, if you need donation incentives, I'd be glad to hear your ideas. At the moment my plan will be to play some SNES classics like Earthbound and Super Mario RPG. So there'll be some room for picking names and maybe some fun challenges along the way.

Thanks for reading.