Charlotte (Lottie) Baird (Argentina/C/Ginger)
A scientist working at Pangent Technologies in London. Brilliant, but has a reputation for being reckless and destructive in her work, getting results by trying things others would be scared to try, and making mistakes that would get others fired. Even her friends call her a "walking disasterpiece."

She is drawn to the danger of the Cube project, even though it puts a great stain on her mentally and physically.

She is a loner, cranky and antisocial, but loyal to her friends Sharon and Leslie. She has a goofy sense of humor which she uses as a weapon when people are treating her badly. She's happy to play dumb when talking to the enemy.

She became increasingly eccentric after the death of her husband, Bill, in a car accident. Previously worked at Pangent Technologies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was a much more pleasant experience than London has been.

She dated Alexander Schreyer (the boss's son) briefly, and regrets it. As her boss on 555, Alex (AKA X or Galahad) torments her endlessly. Dean Schreyer (Lancelot) considers her a star student, but manipulates and controls her without much regard for her health.

She dates and later marries Eric Rook (limonada).

Cartoonist of "Stressed Penguin" and author of visual novel "The Heart and the Crown."

no one's fault but mine

patience is not one of my virtues


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we fuck with the formula

a cure for death

like a seagull

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