Here's a preview from set one of the sets we got in Charlottesville last month. The light was just right for these shots and I'm really happy with how they came out. On this trip we rented a really nice Airbnb to shoot in because it was on the brink of being too cold to shoot outdoors. This really inspired me and as a result I am going to change my next goal. Instead more equipment I think it would be more helpful and inspiring for me to have a cool location to shoot in each month. Once I reach my next goal I will have the funds to commit to renting a really cool place for 48 hours each month to shoot all kinds of really cool content for you all! There will be so much cool art :) I would really like to reach this goal by 2017 so if you know anyone who might like my art or you are reading this and you have thought about pledging but you haven't now would be an awesome time! The art is just going to increase in quality and quantity with every pledge and anything makes a difference...even $1.00. Oh! Also if you all ever have any suggestions for current rewards or rewards that you want to see that I am not offering feel free to let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcome :) Happy Thursday!