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Chase The Morning (Repo! The Genetic Opera) - Cover; All 3 Parts~
Would kill, die, and/or give eyes to be Mag in a show someday. <3

Repo's been a pretty important rock opera to me for a while. Both as a musical theatre person and chronically ill person who doesn't leave the house much at all except for doctor appointments. I see more doctors than friends. A lot more often. I feel Shilo really, really hard.  (Why are my genetics such a bitch?)

So sometimes, after the angry, cathartic-as-hell rocking out is over... I need to remind myself to chase the morning. And you all too.

This was incredibly fun. If complicated - but not in the way you'd expect. I swear, mixing this took around 5x longer than singing all 3 parts. And involved reconnecting with my old friend Audacity, because Garageband just refused to straighten up and fly right at some points! But wow, it felt good. Have to do this more. Have to. 

If I ever have sufficient spoons (because holy crap, it's gonna take about 19)... Chromaggia. Also, full videos of both of these. YES.

Yield for nothing. <3

(ALSO, CHECK THE ATTACHMENT. :D MP3 FOR YOU. Because dang, I love my patrons. You make my life a dream.)