Chasers Of The Night
I knew it was gonna be a night
where we’d be walking under these same stars
alongside our hearts,
trying to unfeel the heavy dragness
that’ll latterly,
wrestled through our vessels and dope us up,
like wildfires in shades of blue

and I knew, too
I had to hold a photograph of you as
we sat and waited for our orders at MarryBrown’s
the other night
because it was only with you,
that this almost heart could speak cosmic to
within these deep, mellow
interstellar of space

thing is,
will I ever be able to hush these chasers down
from stepping onto crumpled ciggies,
dialing the darkness back
just to see if our hearts could
make it out alive from the god-awful pit
but I guess I’ll still be one who’d strolled
and stay with the moon
while you try to anchor in some other stars