Chat Time is Coming!
Greetings Programs, and backers. Due to constant schedule shifting, posting the chat date is a little later than I wanted. Still, here we go...

This coming Thursday, November 16 at 7pm PST I'll be live on Google Chat to talk with backers at the $10 or more level. Have your questions or weird stories ready. I'll do my best to be interesting. :)

I'll post the link later today.

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Class 1 Orb
$1 or more per month
Hey, this is just a cool way for you to say thanks and help me out. Plus, one day you can totally say you were an orb on this page and that you helped make <insert epic award-winning movie> a total reality. Also, if you see me at a convention or something, you can totally yell out "Hey Aaron, I am a Class 1 Orb" and I will awkwardly thank you for your support. (And will 100% mean it, I'm just awkward at meeting readers).
Class 2 Floating Mist
$5 or more per month
Every month I will post a script from a previous work for you to enjoy. As it stands, it will be a long time before I run out. This will go back to some of my earliest work, so be ready for some really weird writing. And if you're very lucky, I might even dig out crap I wrote in high school. Yes, you would be that lucky. Also, you get all the same coolness from being a Class 1 Orb, but with extra pressure on me to be cool when we meet at events.
Class 3 EVP
$10 or more per month
Dang it Aaron, this is a audio level and the other two were visual. I know, but I really like EVPs and I wanted to work it in. Come on, I'm using ghost hunting terms here, stop busting my ectoplasm. Anyway, this one is pretty fun. You'll get a monthly insight into what I do on the creative side of things by taking part in a monthly Google hangout chat. Every month, we can all sit around and talk about whatever you all want. I'll cover projects I am working on and you can fire away with questions, most of which I will give a serious answer to. Plus, everything from the above levels.
Class 3 Shadow
$20 or more per month
Okay, here is where things get really fun. Fans of La Brujeria know that Chuey loves to cook for the crew at Golden Bought Pawn, whether they want him to or not. Well now his love for food gets to be your love of food. At this level, I will physically mail you one recipe card a month from Chuey's personal cookbook. While they will all be technically edible, he is a Chupacabra, so I can't always promise they will be good dishes. Because look, he's a goat sucker, no matter how well dressed he might be. And maybe in time, you'll get enough recipe cards that I'll send out one of those binder things you used to get through Time-Life Books. (Ask your mom, she'll get that joke).
Class 4 Haunt
$30 or more per month
Remember when I said you get to be a part of the story? Here we go... Eric and Heather are not the only bit of oddity in the small town of Grizzlydale. It's a place filled with paranormal dangers and no other place personifies that danger more than the legendary Bear Peak Manor deep within Grey Wolf Forest. Are you brave enough to explore this haunted home and its near endless dangers? Will you be the one to finally solve the mystery of the burning spirit? Are you brave enough to become the story? Every other week, I will write a new chapter in "The Haunting of Bear Peak Manor", but how those chapters progress will be up to you! At the end of each chapter I will present to you two or three options of where to go next. The option that receives the most votes will be how your story progresses. After one year, your adventure will come to an end, whether you survive or not is wholly up to you. In addition, each backer at this level will receive a printed copy of the finished novella. Do you dare take the challenge that has taken the lives of many an investigator? 
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