In Honor of his Greatness and his commitment to craft, on Kobe Day, April 13, 2017...I will be heading out on a quest.

It is my opportunity, my purpose, my destiny, my calling, my desire to make AMERICA HEALTHY again....WE as a nation are very unhealthy, google the leading causes of death and they are all based on our health, not accidents.

If accidents aren't even close to the leading cause of death, and it is health causes...this is GREAT NEWS...we have the power to change it.

EACH OF US can do our part in MAKING AMERICA HEALTHY AGAIN by learning the PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES that I teach to everyone I can. To live more naturally, to all work in harmony to HEAL our nation from the inside out.

If you can afford to donate even a single dollar, and 300 people were to do that, I could easily live month to month on that budget. I lived on a budget of $150 during my 2 years as a Mormon Missionary. I am not trying to save up this money that is donated....MONEY is like manure, if you pile it up, it stinks...if you spread it around, things grow......I am going to use the money to eat and to keep my car in running condition....I have a bike and a tent ....I will be starting my quest down SOUTH since it is warmer down there. Then work my way up north during the summer months and follow this pattern until the work is COMPLETE

THE CONVERT every GYM and NATURAL FOOD STORE owner in the USA to the CHC PHILOSOPHY by sharing the CHC PAMPHLET with them, giving the experience of my lifes work, winning their hearts and creating a NATION wide NETWORK, a MASTER MIND of HEALTH CONSCIOUS AMERICANS....