Huge Breasts vs Tiny Breasts vs Droopy Breasts

We came along to the cave where the Sea Dragon lives.

As far as it goes, it seems the mermaids who were abducted are alive.

It's a silver lining that they weren't used as food.

But, if so, it means the purpose of having abducted them is for,「indecent acts」or「obscene acts」. I was right to leave Filia in Shiro's care and left them in the village.

Even if I were to save them, I won't be able to go as far as to heal their emotional scars.

It's really depressing……was what I was thinking butーー

"Welcome baーck"

"Huh, visitors?"

"Humans inside the sea, how rareー"

Mermaids came rushing out from inside the cave.

"......They seem healthy huh......?"

Tira's eyes turn into dots.

Furthermore, not one person is being restrained, in this case, they have ample of opportunity to escape.

I told them that we came to save them.

"Ehー, do we really have to return?"

"It's pretty comfortable hereー"

"I mean, the old hag is annoying in that town"

Thereupon, it ended up with them refusing to return.

"Oi. You, you didn't brainwash these girls, right?"

"We didn't do such a thing!"

"We didn't, we didn't!"

I glared at the Sea Dragon and they shook their heads in a panic.

In reality, they showed no indications of being afflicted with any kind of abnormal status even when I appraised and examined them.

"It's simply thanks to our charm!"

"Yeah, yeah!"

The Sea Dragon puffs out his chest and exclaims.

The mermaids nestle close to him while bickering noisily.

"This person's sucking feels good......"

"I got addicted to it!"

"Hey, suck it again!"

"Ah, how sneaky! It's my turn this time around!"

…...Wha, what are they on about......?

"In sequence, sequence! "

"We'll suck for everybody so don't fight"

And then, an unbelievable spectacle emerges before our eyes.

The Sea Dragon started to suck on a mermaid's breasts.


Tira and Ellen froze at the obscene act that suddenly unfolded before their eyes.

Sucked on from both sides at the same time, the mermaid is making an ecstatic look.

I seeー.

This fellow has two heads so he's able to suck both b*obs at the same time huhー.


"Don't screw around, you rascal!"



I drove my fist of anger into the Twin-Headed Dragon's heads.

And then I shout from the bottom of my heart.

"Let me suck on b*obs toooooo!!"

"That's what you're angry aboutーー!? "

"I don't really mind but......"

"If they say they're fine with it......"


I looked towards the mermaids with bloodshot eyes.

"I don't want to"

"Me neither"

"Neither do Iー"

"It somehow feels like he'll bite and tear me into pieces……"


No, not yet.

It's still too early to give up!

"Tira, it's a once in a lifetime request. Let me suck on your b*obs!"

"Absolutely not"

"Then, Ellen!"

"I, I don't want to either!"

"I'll suck on it gently!"

""That's not the problem here(desu)! "

I was rejected even by the both of them so I hung my head dejectedly.

Aaah, is there no God or Buddha in this world.......

"Shitt......I'm so jealous......"

As I'm clenching on my teeth, I accidentally realised something.

"......Aren't the b*obs sizes, unbalance……?"

The mermaids who were brought here by the Sea Dragon.

Their sizes can be distinctively divided into the group with large b*obs and the group with small b*obs, there weren't any mid-range ones at all.

"I said we can do with just the ones with huge breasts, but this idiot doesn't listen!"

"Aren't you the idiot! What's good about huge breasts! It's nothing more than just lumps of fat!"

Thereupon, both heads suddenly started to argue.

"Not understanding the value of this softness, aren't you the idiot here?"

"Small ones have better sensitivity! A girl's aroused face, I think that someone who's unable to understand the value of it is the idiot here!"

"Hah, you're bringing up things other than b*obs even though we're debating about b*obs, how irrelevant!

"Such a thinking is blasphemous towards b*obs! b*obs and girls are inseparable!"

"Romance is being packed in huge breasts! Nothing's packed in tiny breasts! "

"It's obvious that smaller ones have better density!"

"Huge breasts are the best!"

"Nope, tiny breasts are the best!"

…...Hey, these fellows' head, is it alright for me to tear it off?

I shouted loudly.

"Isn't it obvious that both of them are wonderfulllllllll!"

There's no such thing as ranking in b*obs size.

That's the truth of this world!

"That's why both Tira's and Ellen's breasts, I want to fondle and suck on themmmm!!"

ーーAfterwards, the both of them punched me with all their strength.

◇ ◇ ◇

We somehow convinced the mermaids who exclaim they don't want to return and brought them back to the village.

Although what they'll do hereafter is up to them, everybody in the village is worried so as far as it goes, I guess we should show them that they're healthy.

" guys are fine......"

Looking at the abducted girls, the old hag Patriarch's voice trembled as she rejoiced for their return.

I guess this shows that's how much she had been worrying.

"Dear can I express my gratitude......furthermore, I committed such a disrespectful act……"

The old hag bows and apologizes to us.

Well, she had the village's girls in mind when she did it so I guess I'll forgive her.

"Please, please, won't you forgive this old hag with her breasts? You are free to suck or fondle it!"

"Rather, I can't forgive the fact that you think I have any need for those droopy breasts!?"

I went all out and retorted.

"Wh, what, what are those b*obs......?"

"I, I've never seen anything like it before......?"

The main culprit of this incident, the Sea Dragon, looked at the old hag's breasts and was shocked.

I mean, of course. Those are no longer b*obs. It's something completely different.

"Wo, wonderful!"

"That is surelyーー"

""ーーーa new shape of b*obsssss!!!"


Ignoring us who were stunned, the Sea Dragon approached the old hag while breathing heavily.

"Please! Won't you, let me suck those b*obs!"

"Please do let me suck them as well"

"Kakaka! My breasts ain't that cheap, ya know?"

No, it's no longer just cheap, it's garbage.

"I, I'll do anything!"

"Please do!"

"I guess it cannot be helped if you are going to go that far"


And then the Sea Dragon leapt towards the old hag's drooping breasts.

The old hag's fish body twitches and convulses.


Stop it! I don't want to hear an old hag's moan!

"Oooh! Amazing, this is amazingg!"

"It really is! It's different from all the b*obs until now!"

Both heads shouted together.

""We desired for these b*obssss!!""

And like this, the Twin-Headed Dragon's long years of dispute wrapped up.

Thanks to them losing interest in huge breasts and tiny breasts, the mermaids who were abducted also decided to return to the village.

Instead, the Patriarch left the village and went to live alongside the Sea Dragon.

Happily ever after.

"Isn't the outcome too awful!?"

"I think so too......"

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