Cheated: change in reward give out dates
Hi all,

Recently there have been patrons abusing my good nature.. and I now have to make changes because of this.

A member changed his pledge to $10 a few days ago and asked for the reward, Since he was a $5 and was charged I felt I could trust him.. after I give him the $10 reward link a few days later he cancels his pledge.. taking the reward without paying...

This was not the first time this happened, and as such I will no longer give out rewards BEFORE the charge date. Once you have been charged I will send out the rewards. I know many of you are good people but in time when this grows there will be people only interested in taking content and not caring about the artist.

for new members who just signed up, please bear with me as I try and post things to keep you interested, and message me on pixiv to add you.

thank you all for supporting me and sorry for idiots abusing the system here.