Cheating: Global Branding vs Wholesome CFB Americana
Your favorite NCAA program cheats. 

Don't deny it, don't try to rationalize it away. Accept it

The figures might be otherworldly to you.. I mean 100k for a star SEC QB seems outrageous but it is nothing but a drop in the bucket compared to the money on the line in basketball


Football players don’t have the ability to be one off marketers for apparel products. NFL eligibility only occurs once a player is three years removed from high school. There is no quick return of investment with college football players as there is with elite college basketball prospects..  CBB prospects have more options besides just the NBA consider basketballs popularity across the globe- the Euroleague, China,Israel- Apparel companies  are WORLD WIDE. They need marketing world wide. Can you start to see how much money is at stake here between brands? Football does exists outside of America but foreign American rules football are a niche novelty -not a booming business the advertising dollars are nothing.

This CBB thing is all about greed - not of players (PAY EM) but of the apparel companies.  I mentioned above about how fundamentally the sports are different, the opportunities are different. Basketball is a global game, Football is Americana. The desire to cheat is different. The average bagman in college football is at heart - a fan. a fanatic who is willing to break the rules and foot the bill so his fandom gets glory.  This situation in CBB/Apparel companies is purely about marketing and carving up enough advertising territory to sway the global market.- A player taking money and not making the NBA still has the ability to be a net advertising positive for an apparel company overseas in a foreign league. The sport is global, the apparel companies are global - there is no net loss.BRANDING

This isn't going to get better

Hold on it's gonna be a bumpy ride.