CheatTools v2.10.1

Trainer for some games made by Illusion. It allows control over player, heroines, and most other aspects of the game. It also integrates with RuntimeUnityEditor to provide useful debugging tools.

What's new?




  • ad65847 [HS2] Added ability to edit character stats in lobby screen (based on FPI.dll)
  • ebf381f [KK] Fixed Unlock H Positions setting not working in VR mode


  • [HS2] Fixed state change buttons not working properly (the change didn't stick before)


  • [KK] Added code from abandoned UnlockHPositions by Keelhauled (turn on in plugin settings or from cheat window)
  • Fixed some rare crashes because of incorrect nullchecks on unity objects
  • Reduced allocations (garbage generation)


  • [KK] Added basic heroine desire controls (can provoke certain H actions, can work per heroine and globally)
  • [KK] Fixed Force quit H scene button not working (thanks to Lyngbakr)
  • [KK] Fixed the 'Unlock H Positions' button not unlocking modded H positions


  • [HS2] Only show heroine stats during H scenes (the changes are lost in other places)
  • [HS2] Clarified some labels


  • [HS2] This is the first stable release for HoneySelect2
  • Minor improvements for other games

How to use

  1. Get at least BepInEx v5.1 and RuntimeUnityEditor v2.0 (both included in HF Patch and most modpacks). Warning: When updating the RuntimeUnityEditor, make sure that you remove any old versions from BepInEx\Plugins manually or this plugin won't work!
  2. Download the latest release below.
  3. Extract the release in the game directory, the .dll file should end up inside BepInEx\plugins.
  4. Start the game and to turn it on press the Pause key or the F12 key (depends on the game, you can change it in plugin settings, search for "cheat").
  5. It's recommended to turn on the system console to see if there are any issues with your game. This can be done from English launcher or from plugin settings (turn on both "system console" and "Unity message logging", then restart the game).

View source code

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