Hey Patrons.

I wanted to take a chance and ask for your input on some things. Especially in terms of what you want, as people who actually give me money.

Those other plebs be damned. 

Especially in terms of extra things. I likely will put up a second goal at $250 this weekend,  and I suspect it will be for 10 chapters a weeks. But I'm a little worried about it being a hard pace to sustain.

So any ideas for extra things I can offer would be appreciated.

Would you want to have the chance to add names? The chance to add skills? Paths?

Access to status screens for different characters?

This is a slight spoiler, but Randidly shall soon depart Donnyton for a time. You patrons will have access to little side stories from Donnyton during that period. Let me know if there are any subjects or characters you would like to know more about. I'd love to expand the world more.

That's all for now. 

And again, thank you for your support,