Check out Masta Ace LIVE in Paris
On december 13th, I went to see Masta Ace live in Paris. He was there together with Stricklin from their group eMC. I filmed some of my favorite songs and wanted to share them with you !

The venue Bizz'Art was really laid-back with a family vibe. The stage is only a step higher from the crowd, so it makes you feel really connected with the artists. On the first floor balcony, they have a restaurant where people can eat while enjoying the show, so It really felt like a hip-hop family gathering !

Masta Ace & Stricklin ran through a bunch of songs, lots of classics and almost all of my favorites, from Acknowledge to Brooklyn Masala. Which made me realize I still haven't made a tribute for him yet !

Let me know if you would like to hear that soon ?