Hey all. No particular reason to write this, just checking in with my people. The Crow Collective was the poll winner, but I’m still not completely sold on it yet..I guess I’m being extra picky. Give me a little more time on that topic..Just went over my schedule for the next two months, and it’s getting crazy. It’s good to look at it, instead of have it swirling around my brain though! I still have hope we can reach 250 before May, but if not, the next song is ready to drop May 4th! Along with your new art piece ( really excited for you guys to see it ) I’m trying not to overkill people on social media with my Patreon, but I want to keep telling everyone about it! It’s a fine line I guess. Everyone have a great Wednesday, and Ill talk to you guys in a bit

I’ll be messaging all my 50$ pledgers this week to set up our phone calls 🎏

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