It's mid-month, so I'm checking in with my people here. (This is a general post, not only for my patrons.) 

There are a few things going on now, so I'll put in an easy-to-read list.

1) I've got a new website, and have changed over most things on it. Please drop by and see if you like the new version. (I'm always interested in input.) 

2) The Seer's Choice will be going on sale (ebook) at most booksellers for .99 until the end of August. 

3) After the War will be available via Amazon only starting on 8/16/16 in ebook or paperback.  (Patrons should already have their copies!)

4) I will be appearing this coming weekend at WorldCon in Kansas City, MO.  If you happen to be there and run into me, say hi!

5) I've changed the title of my October book (I'm terrible with titles!) to The Sparrow in Hiding. That one's almost ready to go to the formatter, so I'm pretty excited. (It's a freestanding story, not related to any of my novels.)

And that's what I've got under my belt at the moment! I'll be back in a couple of weeks with your new snippet ;o) 

Thanks all!