Cheers to You and Your Amazing Body

I want to first, congratulating you for all of your hard work and starting the New Year on a positive note for your health.  You have been following along with Dr. Brown's Blogs, watching her Facebook Live chats every week and doing your Better Bones Exercise Evolution videos. The feedback has been wonderful and we love hearing from you about how you are doing. They say it takes 21 days of consistency to make something a habit so keep up the momentum and great energy!

Next week's video is about combating aging muscle loss through weight and resistant training. If you ever tried to open a jar and suddenly realize it is more difficult then usual it could be due to aging muscle loss. Women start loosing muscle as early as 30 years old and as we continue to age that muscle fiber continues to break down and weaken. Muscles help support the bones and are the drivers  in everyday activities like walking up the stairs. Muscle weakening can be a contributors to a fall that results in a fracture or more serious injuries. Serious aging muscle loss can result in Sarcopenia. In Dr. Brown's blog, she shares a series of questions you can ask yourself to see if you would fall under this type of aging muscle loss. Join Dr. Brown, Tuesday, on Facebook Live where she will share more information about Sarcopenia. 

Join me Monday, where I will focus on muscle strengthening exercises working large muscle groups and areas that typically experience muscle weakling. We will be using the Better Bones Exercise Vest, light hand weights and resistant bands. I recommend viewing the video first and make sure you practice in good form when using weights. The nice thing about working with the weighted vest is that you can start with low weights or no weight and then increase weights as you go. I do recommend starting this routine with lighter weights and resistance so you will have room to increase and gradually grow your strength. It is recommended to do weight training for muscle strengthening 3 times a week.  So as Dr. Brown says, we want you to be stronger longer!

Be well,


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