Cheese Talks: First Programming Experiences & The Future of HumVis
Hey people!

I took a break from Winter's Wake dev to put together some visualisations of first programming experience stories collected by Ryan C. Gordon several weeks ago.

Although the sample size is tiny and feels heavily weighted, it was a lot of fun to dig into, and has given me a chance to refresh some of my charting code ahead of the Another World project.

I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable, and be sore to read through the Ryan's collection of full (or at least as "full" as Twitter can allow) stories!

In other news, I'm planning to retire the Humble Visualisations. Humble's direction and focus has shifted a lot since I first started gathering data, and my heart just isn't in it anymore. I've not been able to find motivation to maintain it, and I feel that it's better to turn it off and leave it up as a legacy piece than to leave it running in its current state.

All the existing data will be kept and will continue to be shown as it has been (maybe with some minor tweaks to improve readability). The only difference is that it won't accumulate new data.

If anybody has any thoughts or questions regarding this, please let me know within the next two weeks, as I'd like to publicly announce its closure at the end of the month.

- Cheese