Cheesy Talk with Rsy! Thank you!
This has been a very emotional week and I've had this in my mind for a long time; I feel I need to get it out, as cheesy as it will sound. Thanks to all of you who support me in any way. Be it by commissioning me, using my art as an icon, sharing something I made, just sending me encouraging messages or whatever. So many little ways to touch my life and inspire me, make me keep doing what I'm doing, convince me a little bit at a time that I'm on the right way. Every comment, every share, every message from an artist that has me as a role model, or from an artist that is miles ahead of me but will gladly share their techniques and tips and help me keep improving. And then there's my Patrons. People who have taken an extra step, gone an extra distance and invested in me because they believe me and my work - many times even more than I do myself! I will never be able to thank you enough. I'll do my best to get better every day and keep bringing joy and pride to anyone around me, specially those who bet in my art. Every little thing means the world to me and the amount of support I’ve been getting recently is just mindblowing to me. I can’t get my head around all of the love and appreciation and the large number of people who believe I am meant to do what I’m doing. I’m so thankful for having so many wonderful people around me. I love you all, I wouldn’t be here without you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)