Resembling sabre-toothed hyenas, Chelaines easily reach the size of horses, with particularly large individuals exceeding them. These aggressive predators usually work in mated pairs, with one of them distracting the prey or flushing it out, while the other finishes it off.

Chelaines are highly intelligent, and can easily be trained, which is part of the reason why the Seraph domesticated large Chelaine populations and made them their preferred mounts. However, their intelligence is also the very thing which can make them difficult to handle at times: While most other mounts are relatively placid and obedient once trained properly, Chelaines often consider their rider as a partner of equal standing, and will possibly challenge them or disobey their orders.

If a Chelaine respects its rider, it will often form a deep bond with him/her, which will last an entire lifetime. It is extremely difficult - sometimes even impossible - to introduce a Chelaine to a different rider after it has already accepted another. This loyalty makes Chelaines quite popular among adventurers, traveling merchants, or people of other professions who are prone to having their mounts stolen in a careless moment.

Feral Chelaines are formidable opponents. Their size, combined with their intelligence and the fact that they hunt in pairs make them one of the most dangerous wild animals one can encounter - short only of Ferogryphs and Dragonmounts. Many promising adventurers have had their fledgling career end in the stomach of a pair of Chelaines. Fortunately, most feral Chelaine populations nowadays are limited to the steppes of Rida, Pelagia and Jelkyera, but there have been reports of individual Chelaines migrating distances of over a thousand kilometers - as well as offspring of domesticated Chelaines turning feral again - so it is best to be prepared for the eventuality of an encounter either way.