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Cherry Branch - 9" x 37" papercraft

The cherry blossoms' arrival signals sunnier days and warmer weather which we all look forward to.  Something about the pops of brightness after months of winter weather makes everything fresh and exciting!  To welcome spring early, you can make a bright & welcoming cherry branch to place somewhere you will see and enjoy it!

The cherry blossoms have been linked with symbolism surrounding mortality, and the perfection of every moment in it's nowness.

You'll need: pruning shears, an ethically collected branch, tissue or crepe paper in pinks and greens, a hot glue gun + glue, a vase, and river rocks.  Always look around to see what you have first before buying anything.  Branches should be readily available as pruned clippings, fallen limbs etc.  Also, if you save your leftover party decorations, gift bags and tissue like I do: check for crepe paper, tissue, or poms before buying anything.  You can use anything you have, even if all you have is tracing paper and a pink highlighter.

PRO TIP: Observe how real cherry blossoms taper in size according to the branch thickness, and illustrate golden proportion. 

step 1:  Choose branches from the ground, compost, or during pruning.  Look for branches you find interesting to look at, or that resemble cherry branches, or in fact ARE.  Just PLEASE love the trees and be sure to collect ethically.  

step 2:  Choose different shades of pink and tear into different sized squares and shapes.  Pair the different colors together, then roll the smallest ones into various-sized tight and loose balls to use as buds. 

step 3:   

Start hot-gluing in layers.  BE CAREFUL IT'S HOT

  1. First use all baby pink to get some coverage.
  2. Observe the golden ratio and adjust accordingly.
  3. Start mixing in leaves, darker pinks etc.
  4. make a bunch of tight little balls and glue  buds  on.

DONE!  Join us on March 5 at 12pm for a cherry blossom art party! 

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