David, Adam, HeatherJavier and Kate get down and dirty talking about the British adaptation of Michaela Coel’s stageplay, Chewing Gum Dreams.

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Chewing Gum is the story of Tracey, raised in a conservative Christian family, her life, loves and the mishaps that await her as she tries to broaden her horizon.  This look at London estate life premiered in 2015 on Channel 4 and on Netflix this last month.

A headphones type of series

Estate life

House full of dildos

The Unicorn

Dungeons and Dragons, gateway to paraphilic infantilism

The Full Favre

Now dancing at the Ball Pit

Revenge Porn guy, Auto Erotic Asphixiation guy, Homeless guy or Big Boss guy?

Overall impressions of the show

And as always we hand out our Who Dat and Series MVP awards!

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