Chewing the Scenery: OP Station Demien [Star Citizen]

"Chewing the Scenery" is a series that showcases the amazing environments & locations within video games. 

Operation (OP) Station Demien is currently one of two playable maps in Star Citizen's FPS (First Person Shooter) game mode called Star Marine. The in-game lore behind the station is that Operation (OP) Station Demien was built in the 25th century to be an operations hub, transfer point and temporary housing location for government workers trying to terraform the smog planet of Nexus II. On January 10, 2935, a small squad of well-armed outlaws from Horizon Crew took the security team by surprise. Additional Horizon Crew ships landed and spread across the station, systematically moving from room to room and killing anyone they encountered. Many victims were found executed, a single shot in the back of the head, never knowing what hit them. The event is now known as the Walzer Massacre.

You can read more about it on the official Star Citizen website:

"This Day in History: The Walzer Massacre":

OP Station Demien will exist in the main Star Citizen Universe. But this version is a stylized version that exists within the Star Marine game mode.

I recorded all of this footage in live, public matches with complete strangers. Nothing was coordinated or orchestrated and I died MANY MANY times.


The in-game clips I recorded are set to a track called "Neural Divide" by fellow Star Citizen community member and content creator, Alexzander Jordon (aka Mobius1422). Used with permission. 

Check out his channel for more music 



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