The Chickadee Clan
Kridi took the flame spell from the Soothsinger’s bill and leapt from the platform without a word. She did not need to tell him to be careful with it.

The chickadee clan knew a thing or two about war.


Chickadees are always depicted so sweetly. I've seen them fight, and heard their war cries (okay, gargle-calls)--adorable as they are, they definitely know how to wreck you if they need to.

At this point I had made exactly zero decisions about weapons and magic in this world, though I can see I started making choices about clothing. I've since moved away from the idea of swords/blades being the dominant weapon. As cool as they are, they are an extension of HUMAN fighting styles--not those of birds. 

Songbird fighting styles vary a little from species to species, but overall exhibit a more "grab-and-stab" style, when they do actually make contact. I decided I wanted their weapons to reflect this. Thus I came up with the bladebill, a heretofore-unseen weapon, that essentially turns a birds' face into a dagger--enhancing their primary natural weapon. Rikriiki is wearing an early draft of one, incorporated into a helmet, in one of the original Inktobirds. 

Look for an updated draft of bladebills sometime on a World Building Wednesday!

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