Chickens Were My First Livestock Endeavour
Hello! I just wanted to make my first post, and I figured I would start off by telling you guys about my first experience with my own livestock!

I built a small coop out of plywood and scrap wood (I am sure there is a picture or two floating around that I can scrounge up), and I went to a local farmer to purchase 5 little chicks. I bought four females and one male. They were all different breeds, and they all had ridiculous names since I was 11.

I had them for about two years before an animal snuck its way into their coop and killed them. I was absolutely devastated finding my little babies shredded to pieces while doing morning chores before school.

Despite that unfortunate first experience, I adore raising chickens and I have owned them ever since that first batch I had all the way up until when I had to move into an apartment.

My question to you is what was your first livestock purchase? Or what livestock do you wish to own first for your future farm?