ChikaraMania 2013
John Cmar donated to my MAGfest Kickstarter a year or so ago and because he donated so much, he was allowed to request a video. He then forgot about this for a year and a quarter. He chose Chikara because he's a man of fine taste and what better way to celebrate his fine taste (and money) and the return of Chikara in 2014 by looking back at 2013? Where not much happened mistake-wise. Cough. Ah well, it's not my fault they're a good bunch of wrestlers (with editors that have almost mastered the ability to cover botches) so expect Chikara OtherYears at some point in the future. Music... Witchyworld by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Tooie) I changed the Iron Sheik quote at the end to make it more Chikara-friendly. And I could have done an ending based on the conclusion to Never Compromise (aka ''the most memorable Chikara thing of 2013'') but given it's significance and potential to spoil, I didn't want to annoy The Lord God Quack (I've missed typing that). So I made fun of Icarus instead, which is basically a cheap pop.
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