Children of Steel, book 3

So, thinking of starting work again on the third book in the COS  trilogy, this would be the book to follow Interregnum. The big question  is, third person, or first person? 

The first two books have been  told in first person, but book three jumps around to several different  viewpoints (and back again) throughout the book. Because it doesn't just  follow Raj around, it also follows several other characters from other  books in the 'world'. 

So if I did it as 1st person,  there would be a lot of head jumping, and I don't know how well it would  work. If I do it as third person, it will be the first book in that  'world' system done as a third person.

So, comments?

Note, once I start writing this, I will post one chapter here, per month, for everyone who posts at least a dollar to read.

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