Children of the Dark Progress Update #1
The writing for Children of the Dark continues apace. Currently, the text stands at just around 40,000 words, which means the final book is likely going to clock in somewhere around 150 or so pages. It might even balloon up higher than that depending on how much space I wind up devoting to the "bestiary" section of the book.

I've already had to carve off stuff about playing mortals and Nephilim, which will wind up being their own supplements down the line. That stuff would have added another 15,000 words to the core text, which would just bloat the book beyond any reasonable price point I could name.

This is already going to wind up being a pretty pricy pdf when it goes up for sale (probably in the $15-20 range), and including mortals and Nephilim would make it basically impossible to sell at a price that would be a good ROI.

The fourth chapter of the book will probably go up as a $5+ backer preview later this week. It's finished now, but I'm trying to space this stuff out a little bit so people don't get overwhelmed. I'd really like to have the entire book finished by the time the Cortex Prime rulebook drops (which I'm hoping will happen this month, after a few delays).

I'm also planning on putting up my first poll later this week as well. I don't have any $10+ backers right now, but I'm hoping that the poll will entice a few people to up their pledges, or will bring on a few new pledges for people who are interested in the thing.