Child's Dream PDF

Hey guys!!
so the Child’s Dream PDF is now available (to non patrons) for $8 (flat 1 time price)! 
I know the entire comic is available online for free(except the last 4 pages which will be posted on the first), but there are some perks to having the pdf. Of course, you can read it offline if you own it. There’s also around 15 pages of extras, including the reference pictures, WIPs, step by step process graphs, and even a couple of illustrations (though they’re both public)!
Most of that stuff has been released on patreon (in either the 3+ or 15+ tiers) but this way, you can get it all without paying a monthly pledge. 

If you’re interested, either email me at [email protected] or here on tumblr on my main (bluemoonhound) my art blog (bluemoonhoundsart) or the extras blog (the13goddesses). Paypal only, and I’ll need your email to send you the file(and the invoice).

thanks for reading!